• Hayley Nicole


This one drops pretty much straight after the Full Moon Eclipse - from the 29th of May right up until the 22nd of June.

& we all know what they're saying: don’t sign shit, don’t start shit, don’t take anyone’s sass personally, technology will dip out, try to avoid travelling, communication is on holiday and you might even cop some hyper-sensitive, impending doom vibes when you screw up or make a tedious mistake.

How 'bout, instead of freaking ourselves out about Mercury flippin’ it & reversing it, we embrace the fact that this is actually a glorious time to re-evaluate, renovate, re-charge & re-invent our existence here?

Because putting your life on hold or going into hibernation for this shit isn't wise either.

I can tell you right now, that Mercury ain’t dancing in reverse for you to bitch out & miss a potential life-changing lesson. There's a bit of beauty in fucking up - learning.

So keep doing your thing, just be more aware of your actions, assumptions & reactions out there - and triple check the details prior to signing off on whatever your unavoidable arrangements are.

Everybody’s brain will be doing the tango to some degree. The secret to getting through it virtually unscathed is to just be patient & understanding in even the most shit-fuck of circumstances.

Be kind to one another out there <3

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