• Hayley Nicole


This one begins on the 14th of October and ends on the 3rd of November.

You know the dance: don’t sign shit, don’t start shit, don’t take anyone’s sass personally (chances are, you'll be on some bullshit of your own), technology will dip out, try to avoid travelling, communication is on holiday & you just might cop some hyper-sensitive, impending-doom vibes when you screw up or make a tedious mistake.

How about instead of freaking out about Mercury flippin’ it & reversing it, we embrace the fact that it is a glorious time to re-evaluate, renovate, re-charge & re-invent our existence here? Do the Hokey Pokey with your comfort zone, deal with your demons and sort any shit that is in the way of you reaching your full-on potential!

But most importantly, don’t put your life on hold.

Mercury ain’t dancing in reverse for you to bitch out & miss a potential life-changing lesson. Continue to do your thing, just be aware of your reactions and triple check every little detail prior to whatever your unavoidable arrangements are (prepare, organize, map out & go over again).

Everybody’s brain is doing the tango, we are all there & are all coppin’ it to some degree. The secret is to be patient, understanding and compassionate in even the most trying of circumstances. Control your urges to overreact before knowing the full extent of situations that bother you & honestly just leave difficult people to their tantrums.

There are many gemstones that assist in making this little chapter of life a bit more bearable & many of the treasures in our collections have qualities about them that will support your journey through this beautifully challenging planetary shit-storm.

Good luck out there, y'alls x

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