• Hayley Nicole


Updated: Apr 29

Strap up your boots, amigos! Saturn and Uranus are backing the upcoming New Moon in Taurus and it's about to set the kind of restless energy loose that'll have many of us up in the night reinventing our routine.

Some of y'all will utilise this energy influx as a chance to simply add to or re-arrange your everyday groove and dive straight into incorporating new and different ideas! While others will need time to reflect and remove- shuffling through feelings, priorities and people that no longer serve a purpose in their lives.

With Venus still out there in Gemini and leaning on its degree of exaltation, the much-needed support to go ahead and embrace a new chapter with ease will be guaranteed. For an ordinarily secure and stable moon, this one is quite the level-up.

Don't forget to make yourself a priority and work on what you wish to bring into your life - manifesting under a New Moon is the ultimate key to unlocking those dandy dreams!

SYDNEY: April 23 at around 12:25 pm

NEW YORK: April 22 at around 10:25 pm

LONDON: April 23 at around 3:25 pm


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