• Hayley Nicole


◇ SYDNEY: Dec 15 at around 3:16 am

◇ NEW YORK: Dec 14 at around 11:16 am

◇ LONDON: Dec 14 at around 4:16 pm

The upcoming New Moon Eclipse is here to make all of the room for inner growth & will have many of us releasing limiting beliefs or ideas about ourselves in order to embrace the impending new-chapter of vast possibilities on the horizon.

And honestly, it'll go one of two ways.

Either fairly good or fairly shit.

With Mercury bringing concentration and mental stimulation to the party, clarity in communication and thought patterns will be the main focus. It is time to align with your personal truth, stop beating around the bush and harness the courage to communicate with clear intent - inward and outward.

Embracing the adventurous Sagittarian energy of this moon will bring about rewards for the risk-takers and results for the rebels. So don't shy away from a little healthy negotiation here & there - just be absolutely clear with how you convey your shit.

However with Neptune pulling out some shadow energy, some of us may feel somewhat lost, confused or lazy in our dealings. To avoid any looming deception or scandal - be direct, assertive and quick thinking. Don't hesitate in taking action and setting things straight if something doesn't quite feel right.

Don't fuck around with handling what needs to be handled.

Y'all got this x

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