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OBSTACLE Hokey Pokey

SYDNEY June 10

LONDON June 10

NEW YORK June 10

Under the influential sign of Gemini, master of adapting to just about anything and everything thrown its way - the upcoming New Moon Solar Eclipse will see many of us embracing some sort of massive shift in our lives - and it supposedly sets the tone or tune to owning our existence over the next few months.

A solar eclipse under a new moon ultimately serves as a bit of a check yourself before you pass go & collect 200 bones, as well.

Whatever plans, projects or situations that pop up around this phase will leave an amplified and lasting impression on our lives. So its on you to make sure that whatever you're up to or involved in, coincides with your true soul purpose before rolling with those solar eclipse punches.

As always, this phase also places emphasis on that which we wish to call into our future or set out to achieve.

However with lunation ruler Mercury out there on its other shit, setting intentions might feel like a wayward game of Hokey Pokey - half in & half out...which is definitely not what manifesting is all about.

Your best bet for a little heart-to-heart with the universe on what you want lies three days after the eclipse when the waxing moon is upon us - on its own personal path towards full illumination. But in saying that, do whatever feels right for you, homie.

The somewhat intensified nature of an eclipse is known to generate erratic energy and isn't what you want your crystals moonbaking in - unless of course, you're actively trying to harness that energy for some other magical business, so steer clear of that jazz & avoid a pocket full of unpredictable gems.

With the inner reflections & re-evaluations from the last lunar eclipse still rippling through our souls, this one won't feel as loaded deal with at all 🤙

All the love ♡

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