• Hayley Nicole


Updated: Apr 29

The Piscean influence of the upcoming New Moon is going to enhance your intuition like it’s nobody’s business. So it’s on you to have confidence in it, especially with Mercury being retrograde at the same time.

With this, some may wish to re-invent their everyday routine or even ditch it all together; while others will simply slow their stride to pursue a creative endeavour. Either way, there’s no wrong choice if you follow the path that genuinely resonates with your soul.

And even though this isn’t the best time to make any massive decisions or important commitments in life, don’t go putting it on hold either. Just give yourself a minute to really re-evaluate your shit before making any unavoidable big-moves.

With Jupiter and Venus squaring off in the background, even your best intentions could be misinterpreted and may spark some shit. So don't get butt-hurt out there on either end of that one.

Just stick to the simplicity of re-assessing rather than re-building yourself while remaining focused on the big picture.

For real though, let your inner voice guide you through it.

SYDNEY: February 24 – 2:32 am

NEW YORK: February 23 – 10:32 am

LONDON: February 23 – 3:32 pm

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