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The upcoming New Moon in Aquarius is set to bring about new beginnings regarding all things group-related. Whether it's friendship, family or general socialization, this phase highlights teamwork, lending a hand and bringing your head to the brainstorm party.

This Moon also acts as a bit of an emotional buffer or distraction in the darndest of ways - while Mercury is in Retrograde & our thinking is somewhat shot, the focus will shift from ourselves, our own bullshit and our passions to that of those who need some form of support or assistance in whatever way. So ride the wave of those vibes all you can & help your homies!

Alongside the New Moon, there will be five other planets chillin' in Aquarius as well. Which is a pretty rare planetary-lineup that basically indicates an optimistic, progressive and altruistic flow of developments in our lives. However with Mars square to this Moon, impulsive temptations will be all too alluring as well. So be careful not to get too caught-up in that trap either.

Venus and Jupiter's Aquarian placement is definitely making it easier for us by clearing the the mental fog, but you're really gonna have to smash the brainfood if you plan to avoid people and work on the swampy areas of your life instead.

Might be wiser to leave the intention setting for 3 days after this moon as well. Make being with those who make your heart happy a priority & see what you gain from it first.

WITCHY TIPS Airy fairy, Hairy Maclary - bet your ass Aquarius is an air sign. There's all sorts of air magic & rituals out there but since most of us can't brain too hard on top of feeling a bit mentally vacant, I'll only throw a few bones.

So, depending on what you're up for spiritually & physically, you can always go with the "where words go to die" jazz of speaking things out-of-existence into a tree hollow, off your balcony or out your front door. But it feels pretty cooked (energy-wise) & is more of a ritual for releasing shit rather than anything manifestation or intention related. (Which is also good, y'know)

There's also waking up at the crack of dawn to appreciate the morning twilight as it transforms into day, lighting incense, working with feathers, smoking tobacco & whatever smoke magic you please.

CHILLIN' IN Aquarius

THEME ◇ Teamwork

OBSTACLE Impulsiveness

SYDNEY February 12th

LONDON February 11th

NEW YORK February 11th


◇ hardcore socialising

◇ d&m into the AM

◇ work with incense, feathers and smoke


◇ think too hard if you can't already

◇ neglect your health

◇ set intentions until the waxing moon

◇ be an asshole to others because YOUR brain is like "nope."

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