• Hayley Nicole


Landing under the sign of the most-adaptable, social butterflies in the game, this New Moon aims to predominantly shift our focus towards collaboration, connection, networking and social events.

Thanks to Venus Retrograde, re-assessing relationships will be a top priority here. Some may even take it a bit far & find themselves snakes 'n' ladder-ing back to their old flames. And all I have to say on that is: don't do it to yourself, bro. Move it onnn.

On a sweeter note, the North Node, the Sun, Venus AND Mercury will be under Gemini's influence alongside the New Moon herself. With this particular planetary placement divine wisdom will stir within our souls and provoke an abundance of insights, ideas and inner-discoveries.

However, some things won't be as good as they initially appear with mysterious Neptune up to some shit in the back. You may need to dig deeper or intuitively map your game-plan before making some kind of permanent adjustment to your life.

But that's exactly what you should be doing during a New Moon anywho. Sorting your shit out and mapping those manifestations!

Who's keen?

SYDNEY: May 23 - 3:38 am

NEW YORK: May 22 - 1:38 pm

LONDON: May 22 - 6:38 pm


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