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CHILLIN' IN Capricorn

THEME Re-booting

OBSTACLE Unpredictability

SYDNEY January 13th

LONDON January 13th

NEW YORK January 13th

To kick off the "New Year" according to the Western calendar, we have a New Moon in Capricorn bringing fresh focus towards understanding your value and redefining what makes you tick & what makes you tock before embracing all of the glory this year has to offer. Governed by the Numerological Lifepath 5 energy consisting of constant change, versatility and embracing adventures, 2021 is set to be about as full-on as it is fun.

And it all starts with reviewing your current boundaries, patterns and habits in life to accommodate this unpredictable energy. Whether it's personal, professional or both, this moon sets the tone for re-establishing the lines that are not to be crossed around you, along with the re-evaluation of your everyday routines. It's time to get that metaphorical garbage can out and release any shit that has been holding you back or not supporting you on your path of personal growth.

Backed by an alignment with Pluto, this New Moon will have an aura of empowerment about it. So by all means, go deep and dark with the ol' re-alignment! Just don't fuck yourself up if you do choose to work on that part of yourself & aren't quite ready for it yet.

Why? Because Uranus Retrograde, that's why. And even though it goes direct the very next day, don't underestimate that lingering shadow-period shit. Also, Uranus will be on the brink of forming squares galore with Jupiter & Mercury which could very well bring about frustrations, tensions and set-backs if you over-do anything.

So be ready to expect the unexpected from here on in...which is kind of the theme for this year. Change, shifts, transitions and alterations - all 'round. Set yourself up to flow with it no worries.

On the magical front: I do not recommend intention setting for this New Moon, with Mars square Saturn during this phase you may be met with a resistance when it comes to pursuing new dreams. Instead work on refreshing your spaces and showing gratitude for all that you have learnt and all that you have. Harness the Earthy energy of Capricorn, make a list of that which you wish to release or get rid of and bury it (using biodegradable materials, of course - burying trash under an Earth fuelled moon will unequivocally come back to bite you in the ass). Save the manifesting for when the moon is once again heading towards full-illumination, like the waxing crescent 3 days after the New Moon.

Wishing y'all an abundance of easy-going energy out there!


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