• Hayley Nicole


It's time to embrace the beginnings of a new chapter, sweet souls. With this, the upcoming New Moon in Cancer grants us the perfect opportunity to re-define our priorities, reinforce our boundaries and review our options.

This Moon brings blessings of long lasting potential surrounding the intensity of new beginnings or starting new projects. So get outta yo' head and just get whatever shit you needa get done, did - and do it before you miss out on an optimum opportunity.

Square up to change, but be smart about it. While Mercury is indeed direct, don't go getting nailed by its shadow period. Mull over absolutely every different avenue available to you prior to making any mcmassive moves. If you tune into your intuition when it comes to making important decisions, you can't really go wrong.

Gift yourself and others the time & space to map out the important steps to achieving success in goals. Reshuffle your responsibilities and clarify your priorities - then share it with others to avoid any unintentionally assumptive perceptions or heartache. Fragile energy runs rampant during global new beginnings. Be easy with each other.

How are you going to embrace this new phase in life? Whether you want this fresh start to be sweet or shit is on you, your actions and your intentions.

SYDNEY: July 21 at around 3:32 am

LONDON: July 20 at around 1:32 pm

NEW YORK: July 20 at around 6:32 pm


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