• Hayley Nicole


If so far, this year has lacked pizazz for you (or you still feel like you're stuck in 2019), you'll be glad to hear that the New Moon in Aries is packing some monumental planetary-alignment HEAT and what you make of it will determine how the rest 2020 pans out for you.

As y'alls know, New Moons are the most ideal phase to manifest things, set intentions and bring clarity to all those goals, dreams and aspirations that you wish to fulfil. It's also a marvellous time to refresh and clear the energy around your home, sacred spaces and most importantly, yourself.

With Venus forming a lucky link to Jupiter, there will be a substantially-supercharged force surrounding the intentions that you set during this Moon and it may well bring them to life much sooner than you anticipated.

So make the time to do this for yourself!

Bringing even more bliss to this already prosperous New Moon is good ol' Mars. As he drifts closer to the degree of exaltation (planetary comfort zone/happy place), Mars will add some punch to our motivation, confidence, inspiration and willpower. On top of that, you can expect some sparks of creativity and a deep sense of content from this positioning too!

Planetary links and influences like this are not ones to be slept on, sweet thangs! Get amongst the abundance and focus on your manifestations!

SYDNEY: March 24th at 8:28 pm

NEW YORK: March 24th at 5:28 am

LONDON: March 24th at 9:28 am


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