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The upcoming New Moon in Pisces gifts us the opportunity to make some big swings in life. With Neptune and Venus also in alignment for this phase of zero moon illumination, finding the support and creativity needed to pull all it off will be the epitome of breezy.

The natural Piscean energy of being the emotionally compelled, artistic mystery of the zodiac will have us all vibing on a bit of togetherness and lending a hand in some way, shape or form.

Creative ventures are set to see a blissful path of growth, encouragement and support on the professional front during this phase. As will relationships & connections with others - new or old, romantic or otherwise.

It'll all be pretty cute tbh - the progressive theme surrounding these areas of our lives will kind-of have everyone subconsciously stoked or at least wearing a dandy demeanour around town.

With this moon, I would safely say it's gonna be a pretty damn good one to make time for intention setting before getting down with yo' connections. If you don't vibe with doing so under a moon phase of complete darkness, you can always wait until 3 days after the New Moon when it begins the Waxing phase - or is on the path to "full-illumination."

WITCHY TIPS Get yer cauldrons out, witches - it's time to brew up some shits. Water-sign style shits, to be precise. This moon is encompassing some pretty gnarly-nice energy, so mirroring your magical ways to throw more of that in the world could be a cool idea. If you're about the ol' moon-brewing, capturing the essence of this particular bb is bound to be a delightful time. And if you're really vibing with the watery ways, go tits-deep however you friggin' want & just bliss out on whatever ritual calls to you the most.


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SYDNEY March 13th

LONDON March 13th

NEW YORK March 13th

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