• Hayley Nicole


◇ SYDNEY: Nov 15 at around 4:07 pm

◇ NEW YORK: Nov 15 at around 12:07 am

◇ LONDON: Nov 15 at around 5:07 am

The upcoming New Moon in Scorpio is guaranteed to breathe some fresh air and optimism into our lives, homies! It comes as a bit of a soul reboot - bringing confidence and enthusiasm back to our personal endeavors and illuminating our goals.

On the magical side of things, this Moon is absolutely primo for setting intentions, clarifying goals and re-defining those dreams. Writing your intentions out on dried bay leaves or paper and planting them is a trusty way of encouraging your wishes to flourish!

With New Moon ruler, Mars fresh out of retrograde there'll be a stir of balls rolling when it comes to getting shit done and acting on your plans. Jupiter also chimes in with a fist full of positive and prosperous energy to support that, so it'll be pretty nice times all 'round.

Basically if you focus on your shit and get on top of your plans, the outcome will be more abundant and rewarding than you had originally anticipated.

Woo dang, this has gotta be one of the loveliest New Moon's to hit us since I don't even know when.

Don't sleep on it, sweet thangs!

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