• Hayley Nicole


◇ SYDNEY: October 17 at around 6:31 am

◇ NEW YORK: October 16 at around 3:31 pm

◇ LONDON: October 16 at around 8:31 pm

Contrary to the last Full Moon, this upcoming New Moon in Libra will have you keen to get up in FACES! Bringing relationships of every nature to the forefront, this moon encourages us to throw some focus towards the ones we've neglected and give 'em some loving. Personal or professional, you'll know where you've been half-assing it. And it's 100% okay! Life friggen happens. Don't feel guilty for getting caught up or plain ol' doing yo' thang (it is after all, a form of self-care). But now is the best time to dust off them relationship goals & sort 'em. With Venus' link to Neptune during this phase conversations in regards to your wildest dreams or greatest visions will have full celestial support - no matter how outlandish they may seem. Plus with Venus chilling in Virgo you'll be more grounded than you think spilling them to others, or even yourself. Not a bad moon for a bit of manifestation eh?


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