A gorgeous 2cm hand-drilled Aventurine pendant. Comes on a black hempcord necklace in your preferred size.


Aventurine Pendant I

SKU: 0157
Necklace Length
  • Also known as "the luck stone" Aventurine is an auspicious lil' gem packed with a myriad of beneficial properties known to pave a fortunate path of abundance for those who keep it close. Being a Heart Chakra stone, these gems possess the ability to activate emotional intuition, love, gratitude, compassion and all-round inner harmony. Ultimately aligning your energy with the vibrations of what you wish to manifest. Aventurine inspires us to really live in the moment, make new memories and embrace our adventurous side. It encourages us to slow down, relax more and simply flow with the rhythm of the present. Aventurine creates a harmonious connection between both the heart and the mind, enhancing perception, intellectual ability, mental clarity and self-discipline. By encouraging creativity, independence and a positive mindset, Aventurine will arm you with the power to navigate any challenges or difficult transitions in life. It clears blockages, dispels fear, eliminates anxiety, heals trauma, reduces stress and even helps with breaking bad habits.

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