These charming, gemstone whips are a one-of-a-kind design made with waxed hemp cord, sterling silver beads, faux leather tassels & more love than a mother of 10. Each whip measures at about 30cm & can easily fit in a money purse for all you night queens who enjoy the freaky side of the sack.

Crystal Whip II - Blue Opalite Jasper

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  • Blue Opalite Jasper This mysterious stone is believed to be a form of Jasper flecked with blue Opalite. The qualities of this stone support emotional healing, strength, creativity, inspiration and insight along with promoting inner peace, clarity and alignment. Opalite Jasper also aids in sexual prowess, enhanced sexual experience, dispelling energy blockages, assisting with transitions, overcoming fatigue and stabilising mood swings. This energetic stone is ideal for meditation and improving communication on all levels, including the spiritual.

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