A gorgeous 2.5cm hand-drilled Lapis Lazuli pendant. Comes on a black hempcord necklace in your preferred size.


Lapis Lazuli Pendant III

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Necklace Length
  • Lapis Lazuli is an old soul of the crystal world, full of infinite wisdom that dates back to ancient Persian times. These stones enhance concentration, creativity and imagination through empowering intellectual thought and opening the mind to a higher state of being. By adding an elevated consciousness to all that you think, speak, write, make or convey - Lapis Lazuli will ensure that everything you do coincides with your personal truth. Simply wearing one of these gems will recharge and reset your entire being to a sound state of body, mind and spirit. Offering protection from both psychic and physical attacks, these stones are a powerful shield against spiritual and literal torment. Arming you with the ability to handle anything thrown your way.

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