A gorgeous 5cm mirror pendant featuring an array of Black Tourmaline chips and a beaded tassel charm. This hand-crafted treasure has been infused with a nifty reflection spell capable of returning any harmful energy, ill-wishes or negativity back to its source. It'll have those problematic folks taking a long, hard look at themselves before they go spreading any negativity near or about you.

Magical Mirror Pendant - Black Tourmaline

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  • Black Tourmaline These powerful bby’s are THE master of repelling and protecting against negative bs! Not only do they absorb the shitty energy, they transform it into positivity! They enhance physical well being, thought patterns, increase vitality & provide intellectual acuity. Black Tourmaline is also capable of sending psychic attacks back to whoever sent them. These grounding gems can also work as a mental detox, making one more alert, energetic & motivated.

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