A gorgeous 4cm mirror pendant featuring an array of Smoky Quartz stones and a teardrop charm. This hand-crafted treasure has been infused with a nifty reflection spell capable of returning any harmful energy, ill-wishes or negativity back to its source. It'll have those problematic folks taking a long, hard look at themselves before they go spreading any negativity near or about you.

Magical Mirror Pendant - Smoky Quartz

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Necklace Length
  • Smoky Quartz is a wonderful grounding stone that is amazing to have around during those notorious Mercury Retrograde cycles. These pretty gemstones bring serenity, protection, calmness, stability, practicality and positivity to your life. Smoky Quartz stones are also known for their ability to lift depression, relieve anxiety, dispel fears, influence positive thoughts and enhance intuition.

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