A gorgeous Turquoise and Smoky Quartz based Ciggy Holder measuring at 12.5cm in length featuring an array of acrylic, wood, sterling silver & semi precious beads.


Cigarette Holder I - Turquoise + Smoky Quartz

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  • Turquoise - Known as the “Stone of Wellbeing,” these highly sacred, bright, beautiful gems will assist you in opening your heart, mind and soul. Turquoise is famous for clearing thoughts, assisting in communication (speaking straight from your soul), soothing emotional/spiritual stress, dispelling anxieties, eliminating exhaustion and discovering deeper awareness of oneself. They will help you find your focus and purpose in this current life chapter, giving you the inner wisdom & crafty problem solving skills necessary to get on that prosperity train. These pretty gems are also known to help drive out negative energy and protect you from shitty influences in your life. I hear they’re like winning the jackpot on the pokes. Not only that but they’re blue as hell, which I’m all about.


    Smoky Quartz - is a wonderful grounding stone that is amazing to have around during those notorious Mercury Retrograde cycles. These pretty gemstones bring serenity, protection, calmness, stability, practicality and positivity to your life. Smoky Quartz stones are also known for their ability to lift depression, relieve anxiety, dispel fears, influence positive thoughts and enhance intuition.

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